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    Morocco Destroyed 17,641 Tons of Food Unfit for Consumption in 2019

    Moroccan customs sent 11,388 tons of non-compliant food products back to the country of origin in 2019.

    28 Jan 2020

    Rabat – Morocco’s National Office for Food Health Safety (ONSSA) has released its figures on food inspections for 2019.

    ONSSA examined more than 13 million tons of food last year. The body found only 17,641 tons did not comply with official standards. ONSSA subsequently destroyed the products for having unknown origins, being non-compliant with the conditions of preservation and storage, passing their expiration date, or not complying with labeling standards.

    Imports and exports

    ONSSA inspected 8.4 million tons of imported food in 2019, the report added. Of this figure, Moroccan customs sent 11,388 tons of non-compliant products back to the country of origin.

    The ONSSA veterinary services also report that they inspected all imported animals in 2019, including 61,167 heads of cattle and more than 9 million chicks and turkey poults per day. Additionally, the agency examined 4 million tons of products intended for animal feed

    ONSSA services checked more than 3 million tons of Moroccan food products before exporting them.

    Health authorizations

    ONSSA received 3,199 requests for health authorizations from food establishments in 2019 and only issued 1,157. The department issued 10,911 certificates of sanitary approval for the national transport of perishable products.

    The body conducted 3,218 visits to food establishments in 2019 to verify compliance with health requirements. The agency suspended the health authorizations of 40 establishments and withdrew the authorizations completely from 89 establishments.


    The number of pesticides removed from Moroccan markets has increased to 48 after ONSSA removed five additional active ingredients used in the composition of pesticides.

    ONSSA rejected 10 tonnes of non-compliant pesticides in 2019 and destroyed 1360tons of potatoes and 125 tons of mint due to excessive pesticide residue or traces of unauthorized pesticides detected on the products.


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