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    Morocco’s Contractual Teachers to Resume Strikes

    The contractual teachers said they continue to strike until their demands are met.

    04 Feb 2020

    Rabat – The National Coordination of Teachers Forced into Contracts (CNPCC) will stage a four-day national sit-in, accompanied by four marches in Inzegane (near Agadir), Marrakech, Fez, and Tangier.

    The sit-ins are scheduled for February 19-23.

    The contractual teachers want employment as regular government employees and to enjoy the same labor protections as their permanent counterparts.

    The teachers are also seizing the opportunity to voice their condemnation of what they saw as an “ unfair trial” of a teacher who was found guilty for physically abusing a girl in Taroudant, southern Morocco.

    The Court of First Instance in Taroudant sentenced the teacher to 6 months in prison and a 4 month suspended sentence, as well as a fine of MAD 40,000, payable to the victim.

    The coordination added in the statement that it has identified a set of problems facing contractual teachers, including their inability to claim national transfers since they are recruited regionally, and the absence of family and work allowances for those who work in remote regions.

    Another point of concern is the amount deducted from the salaries in case of striking, a sum that varies from one regional academy of education to another.

    The amount deducted is MAD 1,100 in the Academy of Draa-Tafilalt while the Academy of Marrakech only deducts MAD 600, reflecting the regional discrepancies.


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