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    Morocco to Import Fishery Products from Brazil

    The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture is satisfied with Morocco’s decision to approve Brazil’s fishery products for import.

    11 Feb 2020

    Rabat – Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture announced that Moroccan markets will soon display Brazilian fishery products.

    The ministry shared a documentt announcing that Morocco has approved the international animal health certificate presented by Brazil for the export of fish.

    “We have great news in the fisheries sector: Brazil received the news from Morocco about the opening of its market for the export of Brazilian fish,” said the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, Tereza Cristina on February 6.

    The Secretary of the Ministry of Aquaculture, Jorge Seif Junior, commented that Morocco imports the equivalent of $240 million of fish from around the world annually.

    Brazil could be part of the market, the Brazilian official said.

    “The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture is looking for new markets because the production of fish increases every year in the country, and Morocco is particularly interested in squid and shrimp,” he said.

    Morocco is already a large exporter of fishery products and one of the main suppliers of EU markets in the industry.

    The 2018 Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) report ranked Morocco 13th in Global Fish production, with 1.4 million tonnes of fish production, showing an industry growth of 6% over the past two years.

    Data from 2017 shows that Morocco is the first fish exporter in Africa.

    Morocco has two maritime facades, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean with a coastline extending over 3,500 kilometers. The waters off the Moroccan coast are rich with fish products, including sardines.


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