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    British Ambassador Criticizes Morocco’s RAM Customer Service

    The latest tweets come just a few days after the ambassador lashed out at RAM for flight delays and lack of communication.

    12 Feb 2020

    Rabat – British ambassador to Morocco Thomas Reilly has shared more than eight tweets to express frustration about the lack of communication from Royal Air Maroc (RAM) personnel.

    The tweets came just a few days after Reilly complained about a RAM flight delay on Friday, February 7.

    On February 9, the ambassador complained again about the lack of communication and customer service from RAM.

    “Yesterday was a very difficult day for all passengers & airlines including RAM: that is understood due to Storm Clara. But it is the lack of customer service, the lack of information, the lack of respect & the lack of admissibility that is unacceptable,” said the ambassador said

    In another tweet, the ambassador made similar comments about the lack of customer care.

    Reilly said he heard several similar comments from other customers.

    “I heard comments such as ‘this the worst customer care I ever experienced’ [and] ‘I have flown over 3 million air miles and never experienced such appalling customer care,” he said.

    The ambassador complained that passengers were asked to arrive at the airport on February 9 morning at 5;15 a.m.

    No one is there, no counter is open. No manager is here to provide us with information. I sent a message to RAM again, with no response.”

    He said that the company has been posting flight schedules despite the fact that they had canceled several of the flights.

    The diplomat said the company finally admitted it could offer a flight at 18.00.

    At 19:30, we arrived at the RAM counters. They promised us buses and hotels. I took my children and we went to stay in a hotel in the city center,” he said.

    The February 9 tweets followed an angry post from the ambassador with the same complaints.

    The British envoy said that a RAM flight on February 7 experienced a two-hour delay without explanation.

    The delay is fine for the ambassador, but lack of communication was the real problem he has with the state-owned company.

    “My objection is to the lack of communication – no explanation for the delay. And no apology for the inconvenience: it’s not much to ask,” he said.


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