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    Used Buses Allegedly from Israel to Hit Casablanca Roads ‘Soon’

    The news comes after rumors circulated about Morocco buying Israeli drones.

    13 Feb 2020

    Rabat – Morocco allegedly received a fleet of used Israeli buses, rejected by Italy. The buses are going to operate in Casablanca ca amid frustration about lack of public transportation, Italian media reported.

    Il Massegro, an Italian news outlet, alleged that Italy rejected the 70 used buses after it “turned out that the buses were already 10-years old” and not environment-friendly.

    “The buses, now in Morocco, will always remain blocked in the company’s depots.”

    Despite the canceling of the contract, Italy’s municipality in Rome will have to pay 16% of the €4.3 million for the canceled agreement.

    Davide Bordoni, councilor of the legal-Salvini Premier,said that Italy should investigate the fate of the Israeli buses that “according to the press have ended up in Morocco.”

    Mayor of Casablanca Abdelaziz Omari from the Justice and Development Party (PDJ) has not yet commented on the news.

    The city of Casablanca already suffers from a lack of transport means, with citizens calling on the government to give the sector a boost to overcome transportation challenges.

    In January, Spanish bus services company Alsa City announced that it plans to deploy 700 new buses in Casablanca in 2021.

    The Alsa city buses will take over the already operational M’dina Bus fleets.

    The rumors about buses from Israel in Casablanca came in the wake of rumors about the alleged purchase of three Heron drones, a type of reconnaissance military equipment, from Israel for an estimated $48 million.


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