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    Banque Populaire Seeks to improve Services for Moroccan Diaspora in US

    The BCP inaugurated its branch in Washington DC in 2015, becoming the first Moroccan banking institution operating in the country.

    13 Feb 2020

    Rabat – President of the Moroccan American Association of California, Said Lakhlifi, shared praise for the participation of officials from Banque Populaire (BCP) in the mobile consulate meeting with the Moroccan diaspora in Los Angeles.

    Meeting of mobile consulate with MREs in California.

    The BCP officials attended the meeting to represent the bank’s Washington agency.

    The personnel of the bank provided MREs in Los Angeles with “various financial services,” including facilitating the opening of bank accounts and providing them with related information on investment loans.

    Former president of BCP Mohamed Benchaaboun inaugurated the bank branch in Washington DC in 2015, becoming the first Moroccan banking institution operating in the country.

    The business office received approval from the Federal Reserve US in March 2014.

    BCP’s services for MREs

    The office aims to facilitate the Moroccan community’s business connections with the BCP in Morocco and make available all necessary information on financial services offered by the bank.

    The bank also supports opportunities offered by the US-Morocco Free Trade Agreement (FTA) signed in 2004.

    The bank celebrated 55 years of support for MREs in 2019, launching the Bladi Summer Tour from July to August last year, a period that is marked annually by the return of Moroccan expatriates for summer holidays.

    The tour is a series of entertainment and cultural events for international Moroccans.

    The festivities took place in the cities of Agadir, El Jadida, Mrtil, E Hoceima, Nador, and other cities.

    Chaabi also launched an internet service for international money transfers. The service, E-Bl@di, allows customers to transfer money online from one bank card to another Bank Chaabi card in Morocco.

    The e-bl@di internet service gives MREs the opportunity to transfer money in a safe way in Morocco starting at only €6, according to the bank.

    In addition to its presence in the US, the bank also opened a representative office in Gibraltar in 1970 to make proximity services available for MREs in the region.

    The bank opened a banking subsidiary in France in 1972.

    The group, which controls 52% of MRE deposits, is also active in Canada, Qatar, UK, Denmark, UAE, EU, and Saudi Arabia.


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