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    Baccalaureate Exams: Morocco’s Blind Candidates Reach 94% Pass Rate

    The Alaouite Organization for the Protection of the Blind in Morocco reports encouraging baccalaureate exam success rates among the visually impaired.

    06 Aug 2020

    Rabat – In Morocco, the number of blind or visually impaired students who passed the 2020 baccalaureate exams reached 94.18% in its remedial session.

    Approximately 84.81% of visually impaired students passed the ordinary session, while the success rate of non-student candidates reached 85.71%.

    The data, provided by the Alaouite Organization for the Protection of the Blind in Morocco (OAPAM) and cited by Morocco’s state media, indicated that in the Rabat-Sale-Kenitra region, 74 of the total 79 student candidates received passing scores. In addition, six out of seven non-student, or “free candidates” passed.

    Candidates from the blind community received average scores on their baccalaureate exams ranging from 14.60 to 16.66 out of 20.

    The top three candidates with the highest scores on the national level received computers equipped with a screen reader. As well, electronic tablets with screen reader software were offered to educational institutions affiliated with OAPAM.

    For all candidates across the country, the final success rate reached 79.62% following the retake exam — a 1.66% increase compared to the 2019 baccalaureate exams. The initial success rate was 63.08%.

    In order to be considered for the remedial exam, candidates must earn a score ranging between 8 and 10.

    This year, despite the unique circumstances and challenges presented by the COVID-19 andemic, the Ministry of Education reported record-breaking attendance at retake exams and high success rates.

    OAPAM echoed the ministry’s pride, noting that the blind and visually impaired candidates achieved “very encouraging results” on this year’s baccalaureate exams. This occurred regardless of the suspension of face-to-face classes and measures taken to curb the spread of COVID-19.


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