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    Recently-Approved Industrial Projects Near Agadir to Create 24,000 Jobs

    15 Sep 2020

    Rabat – The Souss-Massa Regional Council has recently approved several industrial projects that are expected to create 24,000 new job opportunities for the youth of Agadir and surrounding regions.

    The projects concern the creation and promotion of five industrial and economic zones in the Souss-Massa region.

    The regional councilis set to create industrial zones in Oulad Teima (45 kilometers east of Agadir), Tiznit (95km south of Agadir), and Drarga (20km southeast of Agadir). The projects also include the creation of an economic activity zone in Tata, 250 kilometers southeast of Agadir, and the expansion of the Agadir industrial duty-free zone.

    In addition to providing job opportunities for the Souss-Massa region’s youth, the new industrial projects also aim to promote Agadir as an industrial pole and not only a tourist destination.

    Development projects in Agadir

    The projects are part of Morocco’s 2014-2020 Industrial Acceleration Planr aiming to promote the country’s industrial sector.

    King Mohammed VI chaired the presentation ceremony of the projects in January 2018. However, construction works are yet to begin.

    In February 2020, King Mohammed VI inaugurated a new program aimed at boosting Agadir’s economic and social development process. The 2020-2024 urban development program seeks to reinforce Agadir’s national and international attractiveness for tourists and investors.

    The program, worth MAD 6 billion ($655 million), mainly focuses on improving the basic infrastructure of the Souss-Massa region and its road network.

    One of the major projects included in the program is the establishment of a railway between MArrakech and Agadir. The city is also set to witness the establishment of a new urban transport network with an estimated budget of MAD 1.2 billion ($131 million).

    The six main axes that shape the 2020-2024 Agadir urban development program are implementing new urban transport lines, building new road entrances to the city, developing tourist zones, preserving the environment, promoting the city’s cultural heritage, and strengthening basic social amenities.


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