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    Newest Inter-Libyan Talks in Morocco Lead to ‘Unification of Visions’

    The speakers of the Libyan delegations said the second round of discussions in Bouznika have already resulted in the “unification of visions regarding the criteria related to the sovereign institutions in Libya.”

    06 Oct 2020

    Rabat – The Libyan delegations who began on Friday a second round of talks in Bouznika, Morocco expressed satisfaction with Rabat's constant readiness to facilitate dialogue between the parties to the conflict.

    In a press conference on Monday, the delegations thanked the North African country for providing “appropriate conditions” to “bring their views closer” in order to reach a consensus and find a political solution that would “unify the sovereign institutions.”

    The delegations also emphasized the “positive atmosphere and optimism” that have so far prevailed during the dialogue sessions in Bouznika.

    The statement added that the consultations have already resulted in the “unification of visions regarding the criteria” related to the sovereign institutions in Libya.

    The consultations and dialogue are part of the agreement the Libyan parties reached during their first round of talks in Bouznika, held September 6-10.

    The Libyan delegation speakers reaffirmed the importance of reaching a political solution amid ongoing crises in the country, including the COVID-19 pandemic and the continuous deterioration of essential services.

    The delegations also condemned “negative foreign interference,” echoing Morocco’s concerns that such acts undermine the sovereignty of Libyans and their legitimate rights.

    Fawzi Al Agab is leading the delegation of the Libyan High Council of State, while Youssef El Akkori is representing the Libyan House of Representatives during the second round of talks.

    The meetings kicked off as part of the commitment the Libyan parties made during their first round of talks in Morocco, in September, to find a political solution.

    A member of the Libyan House of Representatives said on October 3 that the first meeting, on Friday evening, took place in a “climate of understanding and consensus.”

    He added that consultations and meetings will continue in order to reach a consensus on all measures relating to Article 15 of the 2015 Skhirat Agreement.

    The talks are serving the aspirations of the Libyan parties and Morocco’s approach.

    Morocco, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, seeks to maintain its neutral position to help Libyans enjoy their fundamental rights and defend the sovereignty of the Libyan state.

    The country is an important mediator in the conflict according to many in the international community.

    The UN, EU, Arab League, and other international institutions continue to commend Morocco’s role regarding the Libyan crisis and its efforts to convene the parties to the conflict for talks.

    During an interview with Al Arabiya in September, UN Envoy to Libya Stephanie Williams lauded the dialogue. The initiative aimed to support the process to find a solution to the Libyan crisis carried out under the auspices of the UN, she said.

    She underlined that she is in “constant” contact with Morocco’s Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita and other officials from the country regarding the Libyan crisis.


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