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    COVID-19: Morocco Closes 229 Schools After Students, Staff Test Positive

    Whenever a school detects an infection, a special committee must visit to assess compliance with prescribed preventive measures.

    15 Oct 2020

    Rabat – Morocco’s Ministry of Education decided to close 229 schools across the country, serving a total of 12,599 students, after discovering COVID-19 cases among pupils, educators, and staff.

    Education Minister Saaid Amzazi announced the move on Tuesday in Rabat during a session of the House of Councilors. The session centered on the start of the 2020-2021 school year for education institutions at all levels, including universities and vocational training centers.

    The closures follow the detection of 1,708 COVID-19 cases among students, as well as among teachers (1,767), administrative executives (289), and other executives (187).

    On September 24, Minister Amzazi announced the closure of 118 schools across Morocco after discovering 413 positive COVID-19 cases among students as well as infections among teachers and staff.

    The ministry made the decision on the basis of the provisions of Ministerial Note No. 046/20 on the management of COVID-19 cases in educational establishments.

    The circular stipulates that as soon as a school identifies a positive COVID-19 case, the administrative staff must inform local administrative and health authorities, as well as the regional education directorate.

    In any case of detecting COVID-19 infections, a special committee consisting of administrative, health, and education authorities will visit the school and check the level of compliance with Morocco’s prescribed safety measures.

    After the inspection, the committee will issue a report on the situation of the school and its compliance with the safety protocol.

    The health protocol that the ministry issued on August 28 includes measures that parents and schools must take before the start of the school day.

    Before sending their children to school, parents must take their temperature. If it is higher than the average, or if students show COVID-19 symptoms, parents should not send them to school. They should notify health authorities instead by calling the phone number 141.

    Meanwhile, every school in Morocco must appoint one of its administrative staff members to be responsible for implementing the COVID-19 health protocol and coordinating between stakeholders.


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