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    African Banking Awards: Societé Générale Maroc Wins 3 Awards

    10 Nov 2020

    Casablanca - Societé Générale Maroc (SG Maroc) was awarded three trophies as part of the 2020 African Banking Awards of EMEA Finance magazine.

    Societé Générale Maroc was awarded the trophies of 'Best foreign bank' and 'Best investment bank in Morocco' while Ahmed El Yacoubi, Chairman of the Board of SG Maroc won 'Best African CEO of the Year' award, the Moroccan bank announced in a statement on Monday.

    These awards 'illustrate, without a doubt, the momentum of a strong, united and mobilized collective at the service of its customers,' said El Yacoubi, quoted by the statement.

    He also expressed his pride for winning these awards, which emphasizes SG Maroc's expertise and positioning as a bank committed to serving the Moroccan economy.

    For his part, publisher and CEO of EMEA Finance magazine, Christopher Moore, said that Societé Générale Maroc is still at the forefront of the Moroccan financial landscape, even after more than one hundred years of activity in the country.

    Societé Générale Maroc provides financial services to more than one million customers in its 440 branches and through its 13 specialized subsidiaries.


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