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    Morocco Establishes Commission to Develop Marine Current Energy

    The announcement comes a few days after King Mohammed VI underlined the importance of maritime resources in the development of Morocco’s southern provinces.

    12 Nov 2020

    Rabat – Morocco’s Ministry of Energy has announced the establishment of a specialized commission for developing a roadmap for the exploration of marine current energy.

    Minister of Energy Aziz Rabbah announced the news on Monday, saying in a statement that the commission includes representatives of the energy and mining sector.

    The commission will also include representatives from the Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy (MASEN), the National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water (ONEE), and the Solar Energy and New Energies Research Institute (IRSEN).

    Rabbah said the establishment of the commission was “necessary.” He called for the development of medium and long-term projects capable of contributing to the diversification of sources of energy.

    Morocco should support efforts to diversify energy sources and promote scientific research in the field, he added.

    The announcement of the marine current energy commission falls under the vision of King Mohammed VI, who said in his Green March speech on November 7 that economic development in Morocco’s southern provinces should focus on maritime resources.

    “To complement the major projects implemented in our southern provinces, I think the time has come to exploit the region’s enormous maritime potential,” the monarch said.

    The King added that such projects seek to make the country’s southern provinces a hub of maritime trade.

    Morocco’s government is planning to foster the development of all of its productive sectors, including energy.

    The country has been launching energy reforms to boost Morocco’s development and economy and to position itself as self-sufficient in terms of electricity production.

    A report from Morocco’s Economic, Social, and Environmental Council (CESE) forecasts that the country has the potential to produce 96% of its electricity using renewable energy by 2050.

    Aziz Rabbah said in October that Morocco’s investments in renewable energy exceeded MAD 52 billion or $5.65 billion over the past 10 years.

    The minister said Morocco is planning to double its investment into the sector.

    “These are large investments for the production of electricity so that Morocco does not suffer from any deficit and to control our needs so that the power cuts of 2009 do not happen again,” he said.


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