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    English Proficiency Index: Morocco Scores ‘Low,’ Ranks 74th Globally

    22 Nov 2020

    Morocco has ranked 74th out of 100 countries in the 2020 English Proficiency Index (EPI) published by international organization Education First (EF). According to the ranking, Morocco has a “low” English proficiency, with a score of 453 out of 800.

    The index shows that girls and women in Morocco are more proficient in English than boys and men. Of Moroccan females that can speak English, 58.25% are proficient. Meanwhile, the proficiency rate among Moroccan males is 55.63%.

    Throughout the years, Morocco’s ranking in the English Proficiency Index fluctuated between “low” and “very low.” Last year, Morocco ranked 76th out of 100, in the “very low” proficiency category.

    Casablanca is the only Moroccan city featured in the ranking’s “cities” category. But Morocco's largest city appeared among cities with “low” English proficiency, with a score of 479 out of 800.

    On the continental level, Morocco ranked sixth out of 13 countries featured in the rankings. South Africa ranked first in the continent (12th globally), followed by Kenya (22nd), Nigeria (34th), Tunisia (54th), Ethiopia (62nd), and then Morocco.

    The remaining African countries appearing on the rankings are Angola (80th globally), Algeria (81st), Egypt (83rd), Sudan (85th), Cameroon (89th), Cote d’Ivoire (91st), and Rwanda (95th).

    According to EF, the ranking of North African countries in the bottom half of the index is due to the region’s “complex linguistic landscapes.”

    “Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia have complex linguistic landscapes, with local dialects of Arabic, Berber, French, and Modern Standard Arabic all serving various roles in private life, the education system, and the public sphere,” the report said.

    “English is a relative newcomer to the mix, but it is increasingly valued, particularly for its neutrality and business potential,” the document added.

    On the global scale, the Netherlands ranked first, followed by Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, and Singapore.

    The bottom of the ranking, meanwhile, featured Kyrgyzstan (96th), followed by Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iraq, and Tajikistan.


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