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    Casablanca Port: Police Abort Trafficking of 2 Tonnes of Cannabis Resin

    The operation is part of Morocco’s DGSN’s intensified efforts against human and drug trafficking.

    22 Nov 2020

    Meknes – Morocco’s police in collaboration with the customs services at Casablanca’s port seized on Thursday 2,360 tonnes of cannabis resin. Smugglers intended to export the drugs in mineral containers.

    The control operations of five containers led to the seizure of drugs hidden in marble cavities. The smugglers intended to export their stock through the maritime way to a sub-Saharan country.

    Police put the drug under the control of the customs administration, pending investigations by the prosecutor’s office to shed more light on the case.

    Tuesday’s operation is part of DGSN’s intensified efforts against drug trafficking, including the trafficking of psychotropic drugs.

    In2019 alone, Moroccan security services seized 179,657 tonnes of cannabis and its derivatives, according to the DGSN’s annual report.

    One recent operation took place on November 10. Morocco’s police seized more than 2 tonnes of cannabis resin in Asilah, near Tangier.

    On October 12, police in Errachidia, eastern Morocco, seized one tonne of cannabis resin and arrested two suspects allegedly involved in international drug trafficking.

    Security services in Laayoune seized 959 kilograms of cannabis resin on October 9. Authorities also apprehended a 53-year-old man suspected to have links with a drug trafficking network.

    An earlier intervention by security services led to the seizure of 4,260 Rivotril-type psychotropic pills on October 4 in the city of Casablanca.

    Another operation against drug trafficking took place on September 22, with police seizing 1.992 tonnes of cannabis resin in the same city.


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