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    Morocco Develops Project for Self-Production of Electrical Energy

    The project is part of Morocco’s approach to ensure self-sufficiency in terms of electricity.

    26 Nov 2020

    Rabat – Morocco’s Ministry of Energy has developed a draft law related to a project for the self-production of electrical energy.

    The project seeks to ensure the self-production of electrical energy for individual consumption purposes, according to the draft law the ministry shared with Morocco World News.

    The ministry will team up with Morocco’s Ministry of the Interior and the Office of Electricity and Drinking Water (ONEE) in addition to other stakeholders to carry out the project.

    The draft law seeks to organize the activity of self-production of electric energy, regardless of the source of production, the nature of the network, the level of voltage, and the capacity of the facility used.

    The project, however, will work to ensure the security and safety of the national electrical network, committing to the principles of transparency and non-discrimination between the intervening parties, the document reads.

    To ensure “principle neutrality,” the ministry says it excludes the two managers of the electricity distribution networks, the National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water, the producers within the framework of contractual electricity production, and the Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy.

    The operators, however, can resort to self-production of electricity in the event that they are customers of national networks.

    The project is also open to all sources of electrical energy for self-production. The draft law specifies the systems that frame self-production in the case of connection with electrical networks, including the permit system, the connection system, and the licensing system.

    The regulatory text will define the terms and conditions of the system separately.

    The ministry said that in the case of self-production that is isolated from the electrical network, a permit to the facility for management is sufficient.

    According to the document, “the self-producer can produce electrical energy at the same site of consumption.”

    Electricity “can also be produced at different sites from the sites of consumption.” In this case, the self-producer is entitled “to the electrical networks in order to connect the energy produced from the production sites to sites of consumption, with respect to some special technical conditions for connection and access to protect the national electrical system.”

    The project is in line with Morocco’s approach to shore up the domestic production of electricity.


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