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    Germany Vows to Support Morocco to Boost Green Energy Industry

    Renewable energy projects are rapidly growing in Morocco as part of the country’s commitment to address climate change.

    13 Dec 2020

    Rabat – Germany’s Ambassador in Rabat Gotz Schmidt-Bremme has announced his country’s determination to support Green Energy development in Morocco.

    Schmidt-Bremme said that Germany will continue its efforts to support the field in a way that enables Morocco to achieve its Green Energy development goals.

    The German official made his remarks during a press conference on the progress of Moroccan-German financial cooperation on Thursday.

    During the virtual event, the German diplomat announced that additional funds will be allocated to boost green hydrogen production, especially to build the first industrial reference facility on the African continent.

    According to the ambassador, the project requires “putting in place the necessary structures to achieve this ambition” to provide advanced scientific research and innovation in the sector.

    The German diplomat recalled the strong cooperation between Morocco and Germany, saying that development cooperation constitutes a basic pillar of relations between the two countries.

    Resident Director of the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) in Morocco, Lorenz Petersen, said that the agency expanded its support to Morocco through seven new projects. The support goes especially to the field of developing vocational training offers in the work community and promoting green professions and energy efficiency.

    Germany’s development agency also seeks to improve water reuse in urban areas of Morocco, as well as to create job opportunities in various sectors.

    Petersen said that GIZ continues to accompany its Moroccan partners to implement reforms, and to assist with Morocco’s sustainable, economic recovery through the development of green hydrogen production.

    Morocco is among the countries that the global community considers leaders in renewable energy projects.

    Green energy projects are rapidly growing in the North African country, and Morocco has consistently reiterated its commitment to its energy transition.

    Morocco has the potential to produce 96% of its electricity using only renewable sources by 2050, a study from Morocco’s Economic, Social, and Environmental Council (CESE) said in July.

    Morocco also seeks to reduce fossil fuel consumption by 20% by 2030 through renewable energies.

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