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    Morocco, Mauritania to Boost Military Cooperation

    22 Dec 2020

    Rabat – The Mauritania-Morocco joint military commission held a second meeting on Monday in Nouakchott.

    The Chief of General Staff of the Mauritanian Armies, Major General Mohamed Bamba Meguett, and Morocco’s Inspector General of the Royal Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Louarak, were present at the event.

    The second meeting of its kind between Mauritania and Morocco aimed to strengthen Mauritanian-Moroccan cooperation in the military and security fields, the Mauritanian press agency AMI said.

    The meeting is part of a three-day visit Abdelfattah Louarak is making to Mauritania as the head of a large delegation.

    The chief of staff of the Mauritanian national navy, the director of armaments, the heads of the 2nd and 3rd offices, and several senior officers of the general staff of the armed forces took part in the meeting.

    Members of the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces also accompanied Louarak.

    Morocco and Mauritania regularly share discussions to boost cooperation in all fields.

    On November 20, King Mohammed VI held a talk with Mauritania’s President Mohamed Ould Cheikh El Ghazouani, vowing to boost cooperation.

    During the phone call, the two leaders discussed recent developments in Western Sahara and vowed to deepen cooperation.

    During the call, the monarch also expressed his willingness to visit Mauritania.

    The visit would be the first of its kind since 2001.

    King Mohammed VI also extended an invitation to Mauritania’s President El Ghazouani to visit Morocco.

    The phone call between both countries’ leaders came after a week of tension at the Morocco-Mauritania border.

    On November 13, members of Morocco’s Armed Forces went to Guerguerat to act peacefully after the Polisario Front’s militias caused a blockade of cross-border traffic.

    Mauritania is among the countries that the blockade significantly affected.

    Imports of fruits and vegetables were unable to cross the border in Guerguerat. Due to the blockade, the prices of some produce doubled.

    Tomato prices decreased sixfold in Mauritania after Morocco’s operation to restore the flow of goods in the buffer zone.

    Several Mauritanian news outlets welcomed Morocco’s action. Newspaper Al Wiam, one of the Mauritanian news outlets, said FAR’s action not only supported the resumption of economic activities in the region but was also “humanitarian” in nature.


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