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    37th Session of Council of Arab Ministers of Housing and Urban Planning: Morocco Stresses Importance of Coordination Channels

    22 Dec 2020

    Rabat - Minister of National Territorial Planning, Housing and City Policy, Nouzha Bouchareb highlighted, Monday in Rabat, the importance of coordination channels for the sharing of experience and expertise in the field of housing and urban policies.

    Speaking through video-conference on the occasion of the 37th session of the Council of Arab Ministers of Housing and Urban Planning, Bouchareb noted that 'the current situation requires, more than ever, to strengthen coordination channels for sharing experience and expertise in the field of housing and urban policies to ensure balanced development among Arab states.'

    This session takes place in a context marked by the spread of Covid-19, with all its economic and social repercussions, observed the minister, stressing the importance of coordination to overcome the challenges that this exceptional context imposes on the whole world.

    Given the magnitude of the challenges in the economic and social fields, it is necessary to strengthen coordination and promote multilateral actions to develop new visions to overcome this global crisis and achieve sustainable, comprehensive and integrated development, to improve the living environment of Arab citizens, she added.

    Bouchareb highlighted, in this regard, the need to adopt innovative methods for developing policies and strategies and thus overcome the various housing challenges.

    Morocco's participation in the works of this council aims to encourage the exchange of successful and pioneering experiences in the field of housing and habitat between different Arab countries to improve housing, quality and urban environmental sustainability while taking into account climate issues and the protection of architectural heritage, she said.

    'The ministry is working to put in place a document relating to the Moroccan experience in the field of real estate financing to share it with Arab countries, as well as a document including laws relating to the fields of housing and urban planning,' Bouchareb added.

    Chaired by Tunisia, the 37th session of the Council of Arab Ministers of Housing and Urban Development will address the various ways to improve joint work to achieve sustainability of the housing sector as a factor of overall development.


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