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    US Ambassador Celebrates Israel’s First Commercial Flight to Morocco

    The six-hours EI AI flight departed Israel this morning and is expected to arrive in Morocco around 2 p.m. Moroccan time.

    23 Dec 2020

    Rabat – US Ambassador to Morocco David Fischer has expressed his excitement about welcoming the first commercial flight to travel from Israel to Morocco in the aftermath of the “historic” rapprochement between the two countries.

    The six-hours EI AI flight departed Israel this morning. The flight, carrying the Moroccan and American flags, is expected to land in Morocco’s capital Rabat at around 2 p.m. Moroccan time.

    The flight is carrying a US-Israeli delegation visiting Morocco to celebrate the North African country’s decision to re-establish relations with Israel.

    President Donald Trump’s Senior Advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner is leading the delegation, together with Israel’s National Security Adviser Meir Ben Shabbat.

    Ambassador Fischer expressed satisfaction that both Morocco and Israel have strong ties with the US.

    “It is an honor for me to be present today when representatives of the Moroccan government welcome the official delegation coming from Israel,” he said.

    On Monday, Jared Kushner also said he was satisfied with the official trip to mark a new dawn in the Morocco-Israel relations. “We will very proudly advance the Abraham Accords with the first direct commercial flight on EI AI from Israel to Morocco,” he said.

    Jared Kushner extended his thanks to his “friend King Mohammed VI,” saying that the resumption of diplomatic ties between Morocco and Israel “will bring about a whole new set of opportunities for Northern Africa and the entire Middle East.”

    The visit of the US-Israeli delegation comes 11 days after Morocco’s announcement of its decision to establish ties with Israel.

    King Mohammed VI made the announcement on December 10, saying Morocco and Israel will work to open the liaison offices that were operational until 2002.

    In a statement from theRoyal Cabinet statement, King Mohammed VI announced Morocco’s determination to facilitate direct flights to transport Jewish people of Moroccan origin and Israeli tourists to and from Morocco.

    The King also announced Morocco’s readiness to resume official bilateral contacts and diplomatic relations with Israel as soon as possible.


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