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    CVE Adopts Amendment to Program Contract To Re-launch Tourism

    07 Jan 2021

    Rabat - The Economic Monitoring Committee (CVE) adopted, Wednesday in Rabat, on the sidelines of its 11th meeting, an amendment to the program contract for re-launching the tourism sector.

    This amendment aims to take charge of employees and trainees under integration contract of temporary companies having contracts with classified tourist establishments, travel agencies and tourist transport companies concluded before February 2020, who will benefit from an indemnity covering the period from October 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021.

    It also includes provisions specific to the tourist transport sector which stipulate that the condition of getting the opinion of the National Transport Commission, before resuming the use of tourist transport authorizations not utilized for more than one year, will not be applied during the year 2021.

    Vehicles that have obtained their operating permits before the signing of the amendment benefit from an additional operating period of one year. This last measure should enable operators of tourist transport and vehicle rental companies to be able to postpone the maturities of loans contracted with banks and finance companies.

    Given the persistence of the negative effects of the crisis on certain sensitive branches, the CVE has also decided to extend the program contracts relating to event organization and catering sector and that of amusement parks and games until March 31, 2021, and to prolong the support measures dedicated to them, in particular, the granting of the monthly fixed allowance of 2,000 dirhams for members of the National Social Security Fund (CNSS), in order to preserve jobs.


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