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    Morocco’s Solidarity Fund Against Disasters to Compensate Flood Victims

    12 Jan 2021

    Morocco’s Solidarity Fund Against Catastrophic Events has announced that it will assist citizens affected by recent floods, in accordance with the Moroccan law.

    Created in 2016, the Solidarity Fund Against Catastrophic Events is a public fund that provides financial aid to victims of “catastrophic incidents,” as defined in Law 110-14.

    The institution issued a statement after several Moroccan cities, most notably Casablanca, witnessed severe floods that caused considerable material losses and claimed several lives.

    In its statement, the solidarity fund said it is following “with deep concern” the bad weather conditions that Morocco has been experiencing since January 5.

    “The Solidarity Fund Against Catastrophic Events is collaborating with local partners to collect information about all the incidents that occurred,” the statement said.

    The statement stressed that only victims of “catastrophic incidents” will be eligible for compensation.

    According to Law 110-14, “catastrophic incidents” can be either natural or man-made.

    To be considered as “catastrophic incidents,” natural disasters must be sudden and unpredictable, and their impact must be collective and severe.

    Meanwhile, man-made acts that can earn their victims compensation are terrorist attacks and violence perpetrated during public protests.

    The ongoing floods in Morocco would fit under the first category and their victims would have the right to claim compensation from the solidarity fund.

    To receive compensation, citizens must submit an application to the Solidarity Fund Against Catastrophic Events.

    The application should include the identity documents of the victim or one of their relatives, in case the victim is unable to apply.

    The application must also include a document proving that the victim resides in a disaster-stricken area, as defined by the fund’s technical committees, and a declaration on honor that the victim was truly affected by the catastrophe.

    In the case of death, physical injury, or material losses, applicants have to provide legally-valid proof.

    Applications need to be submitted to the Ministry of the Interior and will begin as soon as the Head of Government, Saad Eddine El Othmani, approves a decree recognizing the ongoing floods as a “catastrophic incident.”


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