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    Shortage of Electronic Components: Renault Adjusts Production in Tangier Plant

    09 Feb 2021

    Casablanca - The Renault Group has adjusted its industrial production during the month of February in several plants, including that of Tangier, due to a shortage of electronic components plaguing some suppliers, the Group announced.

    At this stage, the group has scheduled adjustments in production for the week of February 8 to 14.

    The production of the 2nd assembly line of the Tangier plant will be adjusted by 3 days, while the first assembly line is not affected by these adjustments, according to the same source.

    The plant of Pitesti in Romania will also undergo a three-day production adjustment.

    The Group's supply chain and purchasing teams are mobilized to control the impact of this global crisis, which affects the entire automotive sector.

    A shortage of electronic components in Asia has forced carmakers worldwide to slow down the pace of production by suspending assembly for a few days given the lack of semiconductors.


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