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    Morocco Reports Car Sales Recovery in January After Crisis

    Dacia continues to lead the market in terms of car sales, indicate the statistics published by Moroccan television channel 2M.

    09 Feb 2021

    The Moroccan Car Importers Association has recorded a 6.6% increase in car sales in Morocco during the month of January.

    The new data from the association said that car sales in Morocco reached 13,335 units in January, representing an increase of 6.65% compared to the same month a year earlier

    The percentage includes regular cars with 11,679 units, up by 38.4% and light commercial cars by 1,656 units, according to the statistics.

    The sale of commercial cars also marked an increase estimated at 25.93%.

    The figures show that the Dacia brand continues to position itself among leaders in terms of car sales in the automotive sector, with a share of 30.92%.

    In January, the brand sold 3,611 units, marking a growth of 45.6%

    Renault comes second in the list with 1,411 sold units and a 12.08% share.

    Hyundai sold 1,089 units last month..

    Citroen and Fiat also recorded growth in sales.

    Citroen’s market share grew by 16.1%, while Fiat’s sales grew by 1.47%.

    The association said that sales of the Chinese Brand Dong Van Sokon increased by 30.06% in terms of light commercial vehicles. The company sold 346 units, with a market share of 20.89%.

    Ford sold 192 light commercial vehicles, and achieved a share of 11.9%.

    Renault sold 186 units of light commercial cars, with 11.23% share.

    Audi dominated car sales in the “luxury” category brands. The German brand topped the list of this category, securing a market share of 2%. Following are BMW and Mercedes, with a market 1.22%and 1.22 %, respectively.

    Despite the positive statistics, the car importers’ report’s acknowledged that Morocco’s COVID-19-induced economic crisis has heavily impacted the country’s automotive sector.

    In January, Morocco’s High Commission for Planning (HCP) said that the shutdown of factories and plants during the lockdown impacted the sector.

    The lockdown forced major manufacturers in the sector to reduce their rate of production.

    Along the aeronautics sector, the automotive industry is among the key pillars in Morocco’s economy.


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