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    Morocco Approves Financing of Air Link Between Casablanca-Guelmim-Tan-Tan

    Morocco wants to launch the project for a budget estimated at $2.12 million.

    22 Feb 2021

    Rabat – The provincial council of Tan-Tan has approved the agreement between partners to support the air route connecting Casablanca, Guelmim, and Tan-Tan.

    The provincial council approved the agreement in an extraordinary session on Friday.

    Stakeholders, including the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Economy, and the Ministry of Tourism signed the agreement to support the launch of the air route with a budget of MAD 19.95 million ($2.13 million).

    The partners also include Royal Air Maroc, the provincial council of Guelmim, the regional council of Guelmim-Oued Noun, and the province of Tan-Tan.

    The provincial council in Tan-Tan will contribute MAD 395,000 ($44, 339) to the budget.

    In 2020, the provincial council of Guelmim signed an agreement with Royal Air Maroc for the adoption of a flight connecting Guelmim, Casablanca and Tan-Tan.

    Friday’s meeting also marked the adoption of an amendment to the partnership agreement with Royal Air Maroc to consolidate the link between Guemim and Tan-Ta.

    The council also adopted an agreement on the improvement of health services and a partnership agreement with the social association for renal failure in Tan-Tan.

    The president of the provincial council of Tan-Tan, Sale Bouloune, said additional medical specialists will be assigned to the facility to help overcome the human resources deficit at the provincial hospital of Tan-Tan.

    The measure is part of a partnership agreement between the Tan-Tan provincial council, Tan-Tan Municipality, Ouetya Municipality, Ben Khalil Municipality Provincial Health Delegation, and the Moroccan Renal Insufficiency Association.


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