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Maroc Telecom Apologizes, Gives Reasons for Recent Disruptions

People’s complaints about Maroc Telecom’s slow connection have skyrocketed in recent years.

25 Feb 2021

Rabat – Maroc Telecom has finally responded to frustrated customers by providing an explanation for the recent navigation disruptions.

“Within the framework of the regular maintenance of the network infrastructures, a voluntary cut of the Atlas Offshore submarine cable, linking Asilah to Marseilles, took place on Friday 19/02/2021 for a restart planned on 25/02/2021,” said a press release from Maroc Telecom.

During the operation, all international traffic via the cutt cable was transferred to the Loukkos cable linking Asilah with Seville. The operation aimed to anticipate problems of service quality and efficiency, Maroc Telecom added.

The situation of navigation disruptions was solved on Monday before the reactivation of the Atlas Offshore submarine cable, the company argued.

Maroc Telecom issued the press release after many frustrated customers repeatedly complained about slow navigation problems.

On Facebook, a number of Maroc Telecom customers took issue with the company’s constantly slow internet connection. Navigation was still slow even after Maroc Telecom said that the problem had been fixed, many commented.

Some said that the company shirked its responsibilities when they called to complain about their navigation issues. Instead of satisfactorily dealing with their complaints, Maroc Telecom reportedly told its customers that their navigation issues most probably originated from their connection cables.

At the end of its press release, Maroc Telecom company offered an apology concerning the problem that led to slow navigation in internet browsers and social media.

Maroc Telecom boasts the lion’s share of Morocco’s telecommunication market. The company achieved a turnover of more than MAD 27.49 billion ($2.99 billion) during the first nine months of 2020, an increase of 0.7% compared to the same period in a year earlier..

According to critics, however, the company’s performance in terms of network quality and reliability is far below satisfactory.


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