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Astronomy: Marrakech Hosts Morocco’s 1st Radio Telescope

The center hosts several equipment made available to astronomy enthusiasts.

01 Mar 2021

Rabat – The Atlas Golf Cultural Center in Marrakech has established a radio telescope, the first of its kind in Morocco.

The equipment seeks to capture the radio waves emitted by the sun, the star-forming region, the quasar, and the nuclei galaxies, said a press release from the cultural center.

The radio telescope will also help experts carry out cosmological studies.

The center announced that the new telescope is completing a series of high-performance astronomical observation instruments soon to be made available to the public.

The center also houses equipment for observing celestial objects, including the largest telescope in Morocco.

The largest one measures 600 millimeter in diameter.

The facility also has two other telescopes, one of which measures 350 millimeters in diameter and a second one of 355 millimeter in diameter.

In addition, the center hosts a Coronado telescope dedicated to the observation of the protuberances and filaments of the sun, as well as a siderostat.

The equipment makes it possible to project the real image of the sun.


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