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Moroccans Who Have Access to Internet Reached 29 Million in 2020

Moroccan Internet Usage Expanded by More Than 17% in 2020.

10 Mar 2021

Rabat – Morocco’s National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ARNT) released a report containing the main statistics showing the development of the telecommunications sector, including internet use, in Morocco at the end of December 2020.

In the report, ANRT reported a 17% increase in the total number of internet subscribers. The percentage brings the number to 29.80 million, increasing the penetration rate to 83%.

With regard to the number of 4G mobile subscribers, the report shows an increase of more than 30% to approximately 20.5 million.

Meanwhile, the fiber-optic network subscribers increased by nearly 80% year-on-year to more than 218,000 users.

The smartphone penetration rate hit 137.5%, and the contract mobile user base increased by 16.32% annually, reaching 5.48 million users at the end of 2020.

For the mobile data traffic, it rose by 155% in 2020, while fixed-line data traffic increased by 56%, resulting in a 27.26% rise in international Internet bandwidth, which reached 2,507 GB at the end of 2020.

Morocco had more than 20.5 million internet users in 2017 including 12 million Facebook users, according to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), representing a 58.3 percent penetration rate.

In 2018, the same organization released a statistical report on individual internet access in Morocco.

This report shows that 64% of the population used the internet, of that, 61.1% were women compared to 68.5% of men.


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