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Draft Decree on Minimum Energy Performance of Electric Appliances and Equipment Will Help Rationalize Energy Consumption - Ministry

21 Mar 2021

Rabat - The draft decree 2.20.716 on the minimum energy performance of electric appliances and equipment, which was recently approved by the Government Council, paves the way for further rationalizing energy consumption in Morocco, according to the Ministry of Energy, Mining and Environment.

The draft decree on the minimum energy performance of appliances and equipment running on electricity, or natural gas, liquid or petroleum products, coal, or renewable energies sold in the national territory will also inform citizens on the choices related to the level of energy consumption, a statement from the ministry said.

The legislation aims to define the general obligations to be met by the parties involved in the marketing of appliances and energy equipment in terms of minimum energy performance and energy labeling.

It provides a reference framework for the minimum energy performance of each device and energy categories allowed on the national territory as wells as the levels of energy consumption for each product, it added.

The project also requires that appliances and equipment sold in Morocco comply with the minimum energy performance and bear labels to define the level of energy consumption.

It also introduces a monitoring requirement to assess compliance with the requirements on the domestic market and in the case of imports of such products, which is carried out by the relevant government authorities.


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