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Report Lists Morocco Among Countries with ‘Good Image’ in Africa

Several reports show improvement in Morocco’s economy and business climate.

22 Mar 2021

Rabat – The French Council of Investors in Africa (CIAN) has listed Morocco among African countries with a “good” image across the continent.

CIAN’s report ranked Morocco as the second African country with a “good image” after South Africa.

Following Morocco are Ghana, Rwanda, and Egypt.

The CIAN Barometer also noted a pointed improvement in Morocco’s score in the business climate in Africa.

In terms of “doing business,” Morocco is positioned first in Africa — with a score of 2.2 out of 5 against 3.1 in 2019. The country is now even with Maurits, which lost 0.4 pont.

South Africa and Egypt recorded a score of 2.9; they are followed by Tunisia (2.8), Mauritania (2.6), and Algeria (2.5).

CIAN reiterated support for French firms investing in Africa, saying that its members achieve 80% of the French business volume with Africa.

French business volume in the continent is estimated at 60 billion Euros.

The report also emphasized the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, arguing that the measures taken to contain the spread of the pandemic significantly affected the continent’s economy.

CIAN’s annual survey assesses the business climate in African countries and French companies’ activities in the region.

The latest survey focuses on 31 African countries.

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CIAN’s upbeat coverage of Morocco’s improving status in Africa’s financial landscape is hardly the first time that Africa watchers explore the North African country’s encouraging business climate and its meaning for Rabat’s increasingly assertive presence in the continent.

In February 2020, Rad Merchant Bank (RMB) listed the North African country as the second most attractive country for investment in Africa.

The report showed Morocco emerging stronger than South Africa and second only to Egypt.

The bank also emphasized Morocco’s well-developed operating environment, and its integration to the African Union.

Likewise, the World Bank Group's 2020 report ranked Morocco 53rd worldwide in terms of the ease of Doing Business.

Within North Africa, Morocco is followed by Tunisia (76) with a score of 68.7, Egypt (114) with a score of 60.1, and Algeria (157) with a score of 48.6. Algeria is among the 50 lowest-ranked countries.


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