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CESE Highlights Need for Strategy to Foster Sustainable and Inclusive Tourism

31 Mar 2021

Rabat - President of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE), Ahmed Réda Chami, on Tuesday, called for the implementation of a new strategy to promote sustainable, resilient and inclusive tourism.

'The CESE aspires to put in place a new strategy that is based on a comprehensive and integrated vision to promote sustainable, resilient and inclusive tourism. A strategy that fosters the development of a regional tourism, the creation of wealth and employment in particular for women and youth,' Chami said at a virtual workshop dedicated to the presentation of the Council's opinion titled 'Tourism, a lever for sustainable development and integration: for a new national tourism strategy.'

Although the tourism industry has experienced difficulties in the past, the pandemic of the novel coronavirus (covid-19) has greatly exacerbated the structural constraints and has had strong economic and social impact on its development, he said.

For his part, Ali Ghannam, CESE member and rapporteur of the topic, noted that tourism is a major pillar of Moroccan economic growth. In 2019, Morocco has received 12.9 million tourists, he said.

According to him, the tourism sector contributes to 7% of the GDP and to 20% of exports of goods and services. It has an estimated contribution of 550,000 jobs, i. e. 5% of the working population in 2020.

To successfully revive tourism and reposition it strategically on a national and international scale, the CESE has made a series of recommendations ranging from the introduction of a framework law on tourism to the implementation of a Moroccan charter of sustainable tourism.

The recommendation also includes the establishment of tourism products and services that are adapted to the local purchasing power and the launch of an offer dedicated to the Moroccan diaspora living abroad.


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