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    Stellar: ‘Drilling Progresses Well’ in Morocco’s Tichka-Est Gold Project

    Stellar AfricaGold has so far discovered four extensive gold mineralized structures as part of the Tichka Est Project in Morocco.

    25 Aug 2022

    Rabat - As part of its exploration operations in Morocco’s Tichka-Est gold project, Canada-based precious metal exploration company Stellar AfricaGold announced yesterday that the first phase of the drilling program at the B structure is “progressing well.”

    As of now, Stellar “has been able to adapt to the inherent difficulties of drilling in steep mountain terrains with slopes in the range of 45 degrees,” said the company in a press release.

    Drilling has been completed in nine holes totaling 825 meters, Stellar indicated, adding that “based on visual observation in the RC [reverse circulation] drill cuttings the drill targets appear to have been reached.”

    Mineralized zones in all nine holes are sampled meter-by-meter, whereas areas outside of the mineralized zones are “sampled in three-meters composite samples when warranted by visible mineralized features,” added the statement.

    Stellar AfricaGold said it has sent the samples to the African Laboratory for Mining and Environment (Afrilab) in Marrakech for analysis, noting that it will announce the results of the drill program once they “receive and adequately compile” assay results.

    The assay results of the rock samples will indicate the potential value of the extraction site, estimating its approximate gold grades.

    In April, the company announced the discovery of a new gold zone -- zone C -- covering an area of more than a kilometer, as part of the Tichka-Est gold project. Stellar has also recently discovered a structure, called C2, located 175 meters and parallel to the south of zone C.

    The company noted that it has positioned and executed “six new hand tools trenches at 50 meters intervals” across the newly discovered C2 structures.

    Covering an area of more than 82 square kilometers, the Tichka Est Gold project is located 80 kilometers south-southwest of Marrakech. In 2021, Stellar launched a sampling program that led to the discovery of zones A and B, two significant gold-bearing formations.


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