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    Vivo Energy Maroc Grants ‘E-Assurance’ Eco-Citizenship Prize

    Vivo Energy Maroc will also grant ''E-Assurance'' support for its project and implement it in the stations of its Shell network in Morocco.

    13 Oct 2020

    Rabat – Petroleum distribution company Vivo Energy Maroc granted its “eco-citizenship” prize to junior company “E-Assurance” for its project on recovering hydrocarbon vapors.

    The prize is part of the Innovation Camp competition, organized by youth entrepreneurial empowerment company Injaz Al Maghrib.

    The online innovation competition virtually brought together 45 students from Moroccan universities. Their task was to deliver practical solutions to the competition’s central call: “Eco-citizen” solutions at service stations.

    The award honored “the most eco-friendly junior company” to present quality eco-citizenship solutions for implementation at Shell service stations, according to a company press release.

    Vivo Energy Maroc will grant “E-Assurance” support for its project and implement it in its Moroccan network of Shell stations.

    The company’s Director General, George Roberts, expressed his delight about involving Morocco’s young people in thinking about innovative solutions for sustainable development. He noted that the “winning project fits perfectly with our CSR strategy.”

    In 2016, Vivo Energy Maroc became the first company to install a rapid charging station for electric cars in Morocco.

    The station is located on the edge of Casablanca, on the road to Marrakesh, and can bring the car’s battery to 80% capacity in one hour.

    For Injaz Al Maghrib’s President, Laila Mamou, Vivo Energy Maroc is a benchmark partner that allows them to carry out major programs to encourage youth entrepreneurship.

    “Beyond the financial contribution, Vivo Energy Maroc employees offer themselves as volunteers to deliver Injaz programs, and have done so for many years,” said Mamou in the press release.

    Vivo Energy Maroc pledges to become the most respected energy company in Morocco through education, which the company considers a major aspect of citizenship. The company also aims to promote educational programs for the youth population to preserve the environment and curb school dropouts.

    At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in Morocco, Vivo Energy Maroc announced its initiative to aid Moroccan healthcare workers and hospitals by supplying fuel and propane and producing respirators.

    In April, the energy company helped produce 400 respirators, donated propane to hospitals hit the hardest by the pandemic, and provided fuel for the Ministry of Health’s medical vehicles that transport COVID-19 patients.


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