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    Eight Bottles Set of Aged Premium Sake for 2.02 Million Yen! By the ''Tokisake Association,'' Creating the Value of Aged Japanese Sake for the World. Online Reservation Commences on November 24 (Tuesday)

    21 Nov 2020

    The Tokisake Association (located in Kyoto Prefecture, President, Tokubee Masuda) was established in August 2019 with the aim of reviving the culture of aged sake and establishing and further enhancing the value of sake to the world.

    The company will sell the highest-priced product in the history of Japanese sake, “Toki no Shirabe” in a limited edition of 20 sets of 8 bottles (720 ml) for 2,020,000 yen, for domestic and international customers to commemorate the establishment of the Association.

    In addition to seven bottles of secret sake commercialized from each of the seven breweries that are the founding members of the Association, another very rare bottle is an assemblage (blend) by the world-renowned sommelier Mr. Shinya Tasaki, to complete a limited edition of eight bottles.

    By releasing this ultra-gorgeous new product, which is a collection of excellent products engraved over the years, they will continue to contribute to the creation of even more value for Japanese sake in Japan and abroad.

    [New Product Overview]

    Product Name: [Special Limited] Aged sake set of 8 bottles of Toki no Shirabe
    Price: 2.02 million yen
    Booking period: November 24 (Tuesday) to December 5 (Saturday)
    Pre-orders are accepted at: (

    If the number of reservation requests exceeds 20, eligible purchasers will be selected by lottery. The set’s gift box is an original work of art by Yoshizawa Ryoichi, an artisan, and is “made of rice husks that are removed during the brewing process and finished with lacquer based on the shape of a traditional Japanese stacked box,” according to Yoshizawa.

    [Limited release 8 bottles of sake]

    • Masuda Tokubee Shoten Co., Ltd. / Kyoto: “Tsukino Katsura” 1999
    • Kokuryu Sake Brewing Corporation / Fukui: Kokuryu Muni Junmai Daiginjo Genshu 1996
    • DEWAZAKURA SAKE BREWERY CO.,LTD / Yamagata: Dewazakura Daiginjo Daikoshu cold aged” 1990 & 1986
    • Nanbu Bijin Co., Ltd. / Iwate: Nanbu Bijin All Koji Junmai 1998
    • Shimazaki Shuzo Co., Ltd. / Tochigi: Azumarikishi Uroko Daiginjo Genshu 1987
    • NAGAI SAKE INC. / Gunma: “Mizubasho Shizuku Daiginjo ice aged 2003   
    • Kidoizumi Shuzo Co., Ltd. / Chiba: Kidoizumi Afs Yamahai Junmai 1984
    • Mr. Shinya Tasaki's assemblage blend, Toki no Shirabe”

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