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    Morocco’s Annual Inflation Rate Reaches 1.3%

    22 Nov 2020

    Morocco’s annual inflation rate reached 1.3% in October, the country’s High Commission for Planning (HCP) has announced.

    The inflation rate increased due to a 2.7% rise in the consumer price index (CPI) of foodstuff in Morocco and a 0.3% growth in the CPI of non-food products. For the latter, the evolution of prices varied from a 1.2% decline for “entertainment and culture” and a 1.8% rise for “education.”

    Morocco’s monthly inflation, meanwhile, stood at 0.1% between September and October. The figure resulted from a 0.1% increase in the CPI of foodstuff and the stagnation of non-food products’ prices.

    Food products that witnessed the largest increase in prices from September to October include meats (+4.4%), vegetables (+3.3%), and dairy products and eggs (+0.9%).

    On the other hand, the prices of fruits witnessed a large monthly decrease of 10.2%. fish and seafood also became 1.6% cheaper in October, compared to September.

    For non-food products, the majority of categories maintained similar price levels, except for fuels which witnessed a 1.4% decline in prices.

    Between October and September, prices increased the most in Casablanca (+0.5%), Marrakech (+0.5%), Dakhla (+0.3%), Rabat (+0.2%), Meknes (+0.2%), and Al Hoceima (+0.2%).

    Meanwhile, prices declined in Kenitra (-0.8%), Agadir, (-0.4%), Fez (-0.4%), Oujda (-0.3%), Tetouan (-0.3%), Laayoune (-0.3%), and Errachidia (-0.3%).


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