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    Liquid Sanitation Program: Investments Totaled MAD 32 Bln over 15 Years - Minister

    13 Jan 2021

    Rabat - Investments in the liquid sanitation program totaled 32 billion dirhams over a period of 15 years, Minister of Energy, Mining and the Environment, Aziz Rabbah said Tuesday in Rabat.

    In response to a question on 'Wastewater Treatment Plants,' presented by the Authenticity and Modernity (PAM) group at the House of Advisors (Upper House), Rabbah stressed that liquid sanitation is one of the main issues to which his department pays particular attention.

    'This program is not new. It has benefited from significant investments reaching 32 billion dirhams in 15 years at a rate of 2 billion dirhams per year,' he said.

    This program initially targeted the cities before being converted into an integrated program touching 1,200 urban and rural centers, Rabbah added.

    Liquid sanitation is one of the most difficult projects as it is linked to a series of technical issues related to underground drilling, especially in light of the large-scale urbanization, the minister explained.

    According to Rabbah, 42 billion dirhams have been allocated to liquid sanitation between now and 2040, which shows the importance given to this subject.


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