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    Morocco Ranks 53rd in 2021 Military Strength Report, Climbs 3 Spots

    The ranking shows improvement in Morocco’s military strength compared to 2019 and 2020.

    19 Jan 2021

    Rabat – The Global Firepower Index has ranked Morocco’s military strength in the 53rd position out of 137 countries across the world.

    The 2021 report shows that Morocco climbed three spots from the 2020 ranking, with a score of 0.8763.

    This year’s ranking also marks an improvement from both 2019 and 2020 rankings, when Morocco’s military ranked 61st and 56, respectively.

    It takes into account the potential war capability of nations based on different factors, including resources; manpower; finances; geography; and the country’s naval, land, and air forces.

    In terms of manpower, the report ranked Morocco 40th out of 138. It estimated the total available people in Morocco to serve military duty at over 17 million. Fit-for-service personnel in Morocco are estimated at over 14 million, while active personnel stood at 310,000.

    For airpower, the North African country also has 83 fighters, two tanker fleets, and four special missions.

    The report shows that Morocco equipped itself with heavy military equipment in terms of land forces.

    The land forces feature for Morocco shows that the country has 3,003 tanks, 8,000 armored vehicles, 510 self-propelled artillery, and 144 rocket projectors.

    The country’s defense budget is estimated at $6 billion.

    Morocco ranked fifth in Africa.

    Despite an internal economic crisis, Algeria continues to dominate regionally, positioning itself as Africa’s second power in terms of military strength.

    The report ranked Algeria 27th worldwide and second in Africa in terms of military strength, with a score of 0.4461.

    In terms of manpower, the report shows that Algeria has over 20 million people ready to engage in military duties, and 1 million personnel fit-for-service.

    For equipment and logistics, the numbers do not show significant changes in terms of land forces.

    According to the report, Algeria has 2,024 tanks, and 7,000 armored vehicles, in addition to 300 rocket projects.

    The significant difference between Morocco and Algeria in terms of military strength exists, however, in their defense budgets.

    According to Global Firepower, Algeria’s defense budget is estimated at nearly $14 billion, far above morocco’s $6 billion.

    Both countries have heavy external debt, however.

    Algeria has an external debt estimated at $6 billion. Meanwhile, Morocco’s debt surpasses that of Algeria considerably.

    According to the report, Morocco has an external debt estimated at over $51 billion.

    In Africa, Egypt is the first military power and 13th internationally, followed by Algeria (27), South Africa (32), and Nigeria (35).

    The US tops the global list, followed by Russia, China, India, and Japan.


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