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    Morocco Inaugurates Automotive Test Center to Boost Domestic Capability

    The new factory will contribute to Morocco’s expertise in the field of Research and Development for the automotive sector.

    12 Apr 2021

    Rabat – Morocco’s Minister of Industry, Digital, and Green Economy, Moulay Hafid Elalamy inaugurated today the Technical Center For Vehicle Equipment Industries (CETIEV 2.0) at the Morocco Technical Center (MTC) in Casablanca.

    The inauguration ceremony took place with the presence of Ali Moamah, CEO of CETIEV, and Jacques Lestideau, director of the Morocco Technical Center, as well as Samir Cherfan, director of the Africa and the Middle East region for the Stellantis Group.

    Requiring an investment of MAD 95 million ($10.59 million), the Ministry of Industry built the factory in collaboration with Stellantis, formerly known as PSA.

    The factory is the result of a partnership agreement that the two parties signed on November 25, 2019, in Casablanca. The deal concerns the activities of the group’s research and development (R&D) steering center at the MTC.

    The Ministry of Industry disbursed MAD 33 million ($3.68 million) for construction and equipment while Stellantis provided a further MAD 60 million ($6.69 million) for the acquisition of specific technical equipment and installations.

    Spread over an area of 3,700 square meters, the factory is home to laboratories, workshops, offices, and event and training spaces.

    CETIEV employs around 100 engineers and is equipped with high-tech platforms and buildings.

    Engineers and workers will perform physical tests related to automotive development and validation, activities that were previously carried out abroad.

    The automotive physical tests concern the electrical, electronic, mechatronic, acoustic, and vibratory aspects of the vehicle, as well as conducting vehicle synthesis analyzes.

    The new inauguration will contribute to Morocco’s knowledge in the automotive R&D field.

    “This new site contributes considerably to the development of research and development in the automotive sector in the Kingdom and strengthens the increase in the competency of the center,” said Elalamy.

    He added that CETIEV 2.0 illustrates Stellantis’ commitment “to supporting the technical and technological progress of the Moroccan automotive sector.”

    Meanwhile, Samir Cherfan noted that CETIEV 2.0 is an added value for the Moroccan automotive industry, which will rank it high on the global automotive scene. Cherfan said that Stellantis “makes a major contribution to the Moroccan automotive sector by providing human, technological and training resources.”

    He added that CETIEV will offer its engineers and technicians 40,000 hours of training in 2021.

    The regional director of Stellantis concluded by saying that a total of 36 million vehicles include components that underwent testing in Morocco.


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