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    Morocco, Israel to Launch Direct Flights After Ramadan

    The head of the Moroccan liaison office in Tel Aviv said the Morocco-Israel peace agreement resulted in a “great joy among Moroccan people, who love Israel.”

    22 Apr 2021

    Rabat – Abd Al Rahim Byoud, the head of the Moroccan Liaison office in Tel Aviv announced that the opening of direct flights between Morocco and Israel will take place after Ramadan.

    Israeli foreign ministry quoted the head of the liaison office on Tuesday, saying that both countries will work together to launch direct flights between the two countries.

    “The historic peace agreement aroused great joy among Moroccan people, who love Israel,” Byoud said.

    The launch of the flight between the two countries is part of the joint declaration Israel and Morocco signed on December 22 along with the US.

    The three countries signed the joint declaration on December 22 after Morocco’s decision to resume diplomatic relations with Israel.

    Through the joint declaration, Rabat and Tel Aviv aim to promote cooperation in trade, investment, innovation, agriculture, and tourism.

    After the two countries announced the future opening of direct flights, Israeli airlines, and other international airlines showed interest in serving the air route between the two destinations.

    Morocco’s government expects the number of Israeli visitors to Morocco will grow from 45,000 to 200,000 per year.

    In March, Jewish community leader and businessman based in Rabat, Henri Abikzer, said that up to 400,000 Israeli tourists are expected to visit Morocco in the coming months.

    The government also seeks to attract Israeli investors, looking for new opportunities.

    Minister of Tourism Nadia Fettah El Alaoui said in December, that the private sector in Morocco has shown a “real appetite” for learning about new markets and experiences.


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