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    Virtual Workshop on Effects of AI Applications in Arab Countries Due on June 02 in Rabat - AIDMO

    25 Apr 2021

    Rabat - The Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization (AIDMO) under the Arab League will hold, on June 2 in Rabat, a virtual workshop on the economic and industrial effects of the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in the Arab countries.

    Holding this regional workshop stems from the Organization's wish to highlight the importance of accompanying the Arab countries in the global transformations in the age of the fourth industrial revolution, AIDMO says in a statement.

    The event will address the challenges posed by the applications of AI and will allow an exchange of experiences between Arab countries on the use of this technology to achieve the goals of sustainable and inclusive Arab technological development, according to the same source.

    The workshop also aims to shed light on the potential and applications of AI as well as on the radical changes it will bring about in all aspects of social, economic and technological life.

    It is intended for the Ministries of Industry, Higher Education and Scientific Research, industrial research centers and industrial property offices, universities and higher institutes

    It is also intended for institutions interested in entrepreneurship and technology incubators, owners of inventions and innovations, Arab and regional organizations and federations of chambers of industry and commerce in the Arab countries, the statement concludes.


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