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    Moroccan Tourism, Car Rental Federations Decry Governmental Negligence

    Both federations have unified their demands which include saving companies from bankruptcy, families from unemployment, and initiating a support program given mounting debts with banks and financial institutions.

    27 Apr 2021

    Rabat – The Federation of Associations of Car Rental Agencies in Morocco (FALAM) and the National Federation of Tourist Transport in Morocco (FNTT) have jointly decried governmental negligence for their deteriorating financial situation, in light of suspended domestic and international tourism activities. The sector is crucial for the continued activity of car rental companies.

    The parties met virtually on Wednesday, April 21, to sign a partnership agreement. In a joint statement, both federations emphasized that many tourism and car rental agencies are facing bankruptcy given lingering problems with financial institutions.

    The two bodies held the government responsible for “not forging solutions to their critical financial situation.”

    Owner and workers in the two sectors have voiced their dismay with practices in insurance companies, of which they are important clients, for not being supportive and understanding of the situation.

    They said that insurance companies were quick to retrieve their receivables despite the COVID-19 crisis and the Vigilance Committee’s decision to postpone debts payment of those working in the two sectors.

    Given the above, both federations have called on the government to allocate suitable financial support for each sector, and to adequately intervene to save vulnerable workers and their families due to “the forcible suspension of work for more than a year.”

    They urged financial institutions to respect the decision of the Vigilance Committee, to resolve pending files that will not benefit from the suspension of receivables, and to stop legal proceedings and attempts to seize vehicles.

    Finally, both parties expressed their readiness to fully engage in initiatives aiming at promoting domestic tourism.


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