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    Climate Change: Morocco to Introduce Environment Code

    The environment code is part of Morocco’s commitment to boost environmentally friendly projects to ensure sustainable development.

    06 May 2021

    Rabat – Minister of Energy, Mining, and Environment, Aziz Rabbah, announced on Monday that his department is preparing an environment code to combine all the texts related to the field.

    Rabbah announced the project at the House of Representatives.

    The large number of projects related to the environment, which concern numerous sectors, encouraged the ministry to work on a draft environmental code, the official explained.

    The project, which is nearing completion, will serve as a reference by combining all environment-related texts, including laws, decrees, decisions, and administrative procedures.

    Rabbah said his ministry deployed all financial means to prepare the code, of which its draft will be submitted to the General Secretariat of the government in a few weeks.

    The official expressed satisfaction with several sustainable development projects Morocco launched in line with the country’s strategy.

    These projects include the national programs for household waste, liquid sanitation, wastewater treatment, the prevention of industrial pollution, the national air program, and the national climate plan.

    The legal texts relating to the environment and environmental control have been strengthened, in addition to other actions related to surveillance at the regional and national level, he announced.

    Morocco’s Ministry of Environment has elaborated a set of 28 sectoral plans for sustainable development along with administration support to implement the national strategy.

    “The rate of progress of the sectoral plans has reached 68%, while that of the administration’s exemplary pact rose to 38%,” Rabbah informed MPs during his remarks at the House of Representatives.

    Several international projects have welcomed Morocco’s environmental projects, including its focus on the areas of renewable energies, sustainable development, and the fight against pollution, stated Rabbah.

    He promised that the next decade will see a “major transformation” in this area.

    Morocco has long expressed commitment to continue to engage in joint action to combat climate change.

    Morocco is home to several renewable energy programs, including the Ouarzazate Solar Plant.

    Through renewable energy, Morocco seeks to position itself a self-sufficient producer of power. The North African country aspires to produce more than 52% of its electricity from renewable resources by 2030.

    In the last 10 years, the country invested MAD 51.72 billion ($5.8 billion) on renewable energy projects and is planning to invest approximately the same budget over the next decade.

    In February, Rabbah announced that Morocco carried out 47 renewable projects to date, while 100 others are under development.


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