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    Morocco’s Expertise in Renewable Energy Supports Sub-Saharan Development

    The continuous rapid population growth within sub-Saharan Africa emphasizes the need for clean, reliable power.

    30 May 2021

    Africa’s fast growth of social and economic developments calls for building a greener and more environmentally sustainable future through improved power infrastructure across the region. Morocco’s expertise in renewable energy and existing efforts can support Sub-Saharan development.

    According to a Growth and Recovery video produced by Oxford Business Group (OBG) in partnership with the world-renowned solutions provider JESA, sub-Saharan Africa has seen a 6% average growth in its population over the past 15 years which experts predict will double by 2050. The constant population growth creates a wide disparity where half of the region has no access to power.

    “Challenges that have hampered the region’s power sector included limited installed generation capacity, poorly maintained and outdated conventional power plants, underdeveloped transmission and distribution networks, underperforming utility companies and weak regulatory frameworks - all of which make it an attractive destination for private investors”, noted by Oxford Business Group.

    Morocco paves the way in renewable energy on the African continent with their capacities continuously growing. Statistics from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) shows that more than 80% of all new electrical capacity set in place in 2020 operates solely on renewable energy sources.

    Morocco aiding countries in sub-Saharan Africa will help them to build clean, reliable power sources and grow in renewable energy capabilities within the region. Prospective stakeholders who follow Morocco’s efforts in green innovation may further help build capabilities through project management and technical skills in transforming and optimizing the full potential the region offers.

    Morocco’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nasser Bourita has spent significant efforts working with foreign ministers to strengthen South-South cooperation in Nigeria and Djibouti. The newly realized collaboration between Morocco and these nations aims to promote mutual investment, share valuable experience and best practices on renewable energy and develop a new fertilizer-related partnership.

    Groups, such as JESA, support efforts to improve renewable energy systems and recognize how investing time and energy can provide populations with clean, reliable power and help build lasting change.

    Regarding the rapid population growth and the ongoing urbanization occurring across most of Africa, JESA’s Managing Director, Hicham Kabbaj said “The potential for developing green sources of power generation in the region is huge, as the solar and wind projects already established in both cities and rural communities show.”

    It is evident that through expertise and effort, renewable energy can form the foundation for driving development.


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