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    Electronic Payplus Joins ICMA

    03 Jun 2021

    Electronic Payplus Limited, Nigeria’s smart card production company and payment solution provider has announced its membership of the International Card Manufacturers Association (ICMA).

    With more than 200 members in 43 countries, ICMA has been the voice of the card manufacturing industry for nearly 30 years.

    The non-profit association of card manufacturers, personalisers, suppliers and other industry-related companies is a premier resource for the card industry – from training to issues surrounding card production, technology, application, security and environmental issues.

    A statement explained that by joining ICMA, Electronic Payplus Limited would have access to expanded education and training opportunities to stay ahead of trends and benefit from networking with the leading companies in the card industry around the world
    The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Electronic Payplus Limited, Mr. Bayo Adeokun, said the general atmosphere in his company was one of excitement being admitted into the membership of the global community of ICMA.
    “We are happy to be accepted into the prestigious International Card Manufacturers Association. What this means is that Electronic Payplus Limited has been recognised worldwide.

    “It’s a guarantee that any product from our production line is as good and secured as any of the other products from other international card manufacturers who are members of ICMA,” Adeokun said.

    Electronic Payplus Limited started operations in May 2005 as a payment service provider. Sixteen years after, the Company has become Nigeria’s biggest in Smart and Digital Card production, with capacity to produce all kinds of secure cards.

    “We do the bank cards. We can also do the SIM cards, biometric identity cards, electronic ticketing for public transportation (rail, bus rapid transport, ferry, etc.), voter’s card and even residency cards for diplomatic and expatriate workers.

    “That is the advantage of the digital printer that we have. That is the story of Electronic Payplus Limited,” Adeokun affirmed.


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