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    Morocco’s Vaccination Passport Goes Live

    The vaccination passport will allow its holders to bypass various domestic safety measures, such as the curfew.

    08 Jun 2021

    Rabat - Moroccan government officially puts in place the recently announced vaccine passport starting Monday, June 7.

    The vaccination passport has been made available for Moroccan residents who have received both of their COVID-19 vaccine jabs. The passport can now be accessed through the Liqahcorona website.

    The vaccination passport will function as an official document, allowing its holder to travel both domestically and internationally without restrictions. Moroccan residents traveling with the document will be allowed to bypass the night curfew as well as any travel restrictions within the country.

    Moroccan authorities will be able to authenticate the vaccination passport through its Quick Response (QR) code. As for Moroccan residents, they can present the passport in either a printable or an electronic format - which can be shown via smartphone.

    To receive the passport, among those who have received both of their jabs, National Identity Card holders must confirm their CNIE number, while Residence Permit holders must confirm their residence permit number. The application also asks for the person’s date of birth.

    As of June 6, Moroccan health authorities have vaccinated 9,108,843 people with their first dose, and 5,898,644 people with their second dose. Morocco has recorded in total 521,426 COVID-19 cases, with only 3,165 active cases at present. On Sunday there were 231 new COVID-19 cases, including five deaths.

    The stability of Morocco’s epidemiological situation has allowed local authorities, on the advice of the Moroccan Scientific Committee, to relax various safety measures that have been in place within the context of the pandemic

    The Moroccan government announced over the weekend the resumption of flights from and to Morocco starting Tuesday, June 15. The easing of the restrictions aims to facilitate the return of Moroccans residing abroad, according to the foreign ministry.


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