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    Giant Tanger Med in Vogue Despite Pandemic (Jeune Afrique)

    09 Jun 2021

    Paris - The pan-African magazine 'Jeune Afrique' highlighted, Tuesday, the performance of the port Tangier Med, the 'giant in vogue despite the pandemic of the novel coronavirus.

    'The Moroccan hub continues to trace its path in the Mediterranean Sea, of which it has become the number 1 complex for containerized traffic,' wrote Jeune Afrique, noting that the economy of Tanger Med is 'in good shape' in 2021 and the figures for the beginning of the year 'have even surpassed those of last year'.

    Recalling the figures in the Tanger Med Group's quarterly press release, the magazine highlighted a 'feat' that can, in large part, be attributed to the setting up of the TC3 container terminal at the port of Tanger Med 2.

    This commercial commissioning has contributed to the increase in container traffic, which exceeds that of the year 2020 by 35%, said the magazine, noting that Tanger Med has gained 6 places in the ranking of major container ports conducted by the specialist Alphaliner, moving from 31st to 24th place worldwide between 2019 and 2020.

    'Jeune Afrique' also noted that with a total of 5,771,221 TEU containers handled in 2020 (+20% compared to 2019), Tanger Med achieves the Moroccan ambition to become the Mediterranean champion of the sector, ahead of Spain's Valencia (5.42 million TEU).


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