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    Morocco’s Healthcare System In ‘Desperate Need of Change’

    Despite Morocco's successful vaccination campaign, many areas of the country’s healthcare system are still in desperate need of reform.

    10 Jun 2021

    Rabat - A report developed by the parliamentary group responsible for the healthcare system within the House of Representatives has found that Morocco’s health system is plagued by systemic dysfunctions and is in dire need of change.

    The report emphasized the importance of the overall reform of the health system in Morocco, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Presented and debated on Tuesday during the house’s general plenary session, the report is concerned with proposals and recommendations that would help Morocco overcome organizational difficulties within its healthcare system.

    In addition, it emphasized the need for reform and change of habits in Morocco’s healthcare system in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    With a focus on issues relating to human resources and financing, as well as the constraints of governance and infrastructure, the report proposed tangible solutions to the challenges preventing the government from achieving its set goals for the sector.

    In particular, the report dissected the dysfunctions caused by the absence of specific legislation. The report spoke of the need to review and amend many of the current, poorly enforced regulations while also calling for the creation of new legal texts and related organic laws to amend legal discrepancies halting the development of Morocco’s health sector.

    The report noted well-known constraints regarding the weaknesses and dysfunctions of Morocco’s health infrastructure.

    It mentioned the lack of territorial equity when it comes to healthcare facilities and resources, as well as the unavailability of necessary equipment to ensure the quality of medical and paramedical care.

    The weaknesses of Morocco’s health sector’s governance and financing systems were also a key feature of the report. The report pointed out the lack of human resources in accordance with the World Health Organization's recommendations (WHO).

    To address the chronic shortage of human resources and updated medical material, the document urged authorities to invest in adequately training and in equipping the country’s health personnel. The parliamentary group stressed the importance of a qualified human capital that is up to date with the state-of-the-art innovations in the field.

    Other proposals and recommendations included the adoption of clinical trials and innovative financing routes. The goal, according to the report, is for Moroccan health professionals and authorities to take into account international “best practices” in healthcare systems across the world.

    In order to achieve these ambitious objectives, the report proposes to develop and implement a comprehensive healthcare code that will constitute an efficient legal framework to overcome the sector’s current constraints. The idea is to devise a centralized but well-rounded legislation that specifies the various practices surrounding training, recruitment, and logistics.

    Speaking at Tuesday’s plenary session, MPs listed various problems that the national healthcare system currently struggles with, including the restricted and insufficient funding allocated to healthcare.

    Many MPs pointed to financing as the main obstacle hindering reform efforts.

    In light of the recent royal initiative to generalize healthcare coverage for all Moroccans, as well as the many failures and strengths of the sector revealed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Morocco’s healthcare sector appears to be at a crossroads - torn between the urgency to reform and the persistence of old habits.

    The consensus on reform, development, and change is strong; what this report adds to the debate is the tangible solutions the government needs to implement as soon as possible.


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