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    Serbia Reiterates Importance of Promoting Cooperation with Morocco

    FM Bourita met with President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Ivica Dacic in a continuing demonstration of the close ties between the two countries

    17 Jun 2021

    Denver - Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita met with the Serbian President of the National Assembly of the Republic Ivica Dacic on Wednesday, June 2021.

    While it isn’t clear what the two diplomats specifically met to discuss, it seems to have been a fruitful meeting. Afterwards Mr. Dacic reiterated “the importance of promoting cooperation with Morocco and strengthening coordination on issues of common interest,” during a brief press session.

    Last month, the two countries celebrated their 64th year of diplomatic relations, and met to sign a series of bilateral agreements to boost relations. Among the agreements, deals were signed to promote military cooperation, political cooperation, and initiatives for bilateral culture, sport, and youth program development.

    A huge factor in the close relations between both countries stem from shared issues of territorial sovereignty that both Morocco and Serbia have been forced to contend with during their respective histories. Morocco has continued to support Serbia through not recognizing the sovereignty of the Kosovo region, a breakaway portion of the former Yugoslavia, and territory that Serbia has laid claim over since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

    Similarly, Serbia classifies Western Sahara as a part of Morocco’s national territory, and has continued to support Moroccan efforts to establish sovereignty in that region.

    Earlier this year, after a meeting between Serbian Foreign Minister Nikola Selakovic and the Moroccan Ambassador to Serbia Mohamed Amine Belhaj, Serbian officials described the relationship between Morocco and Serbia to be at “the highest level,” according to the Serbian government’s official press release. Selakovic also remarked “that Serbia is interested in further development of all forms of mutually beneficial cooperation,” while stating that Belgrade’s “position on Western Sahara is known, principled and unchangeable.”

    It appears that Morocco-Serbian relations are still continuing to grow as both countries look for ways to further solidify relations and become closer geopolitical allies.


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