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    Petition Calling for Reopening of Ceuta, Melilla Border Gains Traction

    Morocco closed the borders between Ceuta and Melilla and the residents of the region are taking to the internet for support.

    29 Jun 2021

    Rabat - A petition titled “Opening of the Ceuta and Melilla Border” has neared its goal of 1,000 signatures. Wissal Ahmed, the owner of the petition, launched the mission on June 26, and it has quickly gained traction among Moroccans and Spaniards alike.

    In the petition’s description, Ahmed notes the longevity of the border closure due to COVID-19. The Moroccan government closed the borders with the two Spanish enclaves in March 2020.

    “We ask whoever is in charge of this event to promptly open the borders of Ceuta and Melilla, even if they are a humanitarian step only for nationals and residents of Ceuta and Melilla until the situation between the two countries improves,” Ahmed adds.

    The author also focused on the poor economic situation of the region due to the border closures.

    “There are people who could not assist their families, families divided, people having a hard time because their children's daily bread is on the other side of the border,” states Ahmed.

    Residents of the region have faced immense economic hardships due to the border closures paired with the constant exploitation at the hands of drug smugglers on both sides of the border.

    In March 2021, Morocco’s National Agency for the Promotion of Employment and Skills (ANAPEC), partnered with the Culture House of Fnideq to provide 19 women in northern Morocco with funding to operate legal businesses in the region.

    The women had formerly worked as smugglers of goods and other products between the Spanish enclaves and mainland Morocco.

    In the petition to reopen the borders, Ahmed ends with feelings of hope that “we can return to a normal life and, above all, meet again with our relatives who are on the other side.”

    The petition is directed at King Mohammed VI and currently has 660 signatures at the time of publication.


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