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    FiRS, SystemSpecs Parley to Ease Tax Remittance-

    31 Jul 2021

    Financial technology firm, SystemSpecs has joined hands with Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) to strengthen tax administration through its Remita Payment Gateway which powers payments on ‘TaxPro-Max’.

    The ‘TaxPro-Max’ is a new solution that used for filing of tax returns.
    The Remita Payment Gateway platform for private sector and government payments, has been integrated with the FIRS’ new TaxPro Max e-filling platform to automate tax filing, enable hassle-free registration, ease tax payments as well as provide a single-view of transaction records.

    Speaking, the Divisional Head, Business Development at SystemSpecs,Abayomi Oniku stated that the partnership would promote digitalisation of tax administration in Nigeria, while Remita Payment Gateway will continue to meet the payment needs of individuals, businesses and governments at all levels.

    He said, “In furtherance of our support for various sectors of the Nigerian economy, we have now also advanced our brand proposition to ensure that tax payment is faster, more convenient and efficient. Our latest partnership with the FIRS is geared towards helping individuals, corporate organisations and government agencies enjoy a convenient process of paying their taxes, anywhere and at any time to facilitate compliance.”

    Oniku added that one of the benefits of paying taxes with Remita on TaxPro-Max, is the availability of multiple payment channels, including internet banking, card, transfer, USSD and if preferred, payers can also walk into a bank branch for their tax payments.

    According to him, tax payers would need to log on to TaxPro-Max website and click on Remita logo to generate the Document Identification Number (DIN/RRR) to effect payment using Remita payment channels.

    “For government agencies, they would complete the transaction using their existing Remita profile”.


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