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    Minister Elalamy Meets US Aerospace Companies as Trip Continues

    Elalamy attended meetings with representatives from top US aerospace companies, including Boeing and Collins Aerospace.

    11 Aug 2021

    Denver- Minister of Industry, Trade and green and digital economy, Moulay Hafid Elalamy, continues to hold discussions with aeronautics groups in the US.

    In updates on the Minister’s official Facebook page, Elalamy reported he met with Robert Hupfer, Executive Director of Supply Chain for Collins Aerospace on Monday.

    The focus of the duo’s meeting was the “opportunities provided by the Moroccan aeronautical platform.” Collins Aerospace is a subsidiary of the Raytheon group, one of the largest global conglomerates of defense and aerospace technologies.

    Elalamy also discussed a meeting that he held with Boeing’s Executive VP Stanley A. Deal.

    Deal is the head of Boeing’s commercial airplanes division, a huge component of the companies’ production focus.

    During the meeting, Elalamy and Deal discussed the potential of Boeing developing production systems in Morocco. Boeing is a global leader in aircraft production, and the company was ranked 54th in the Fortune 500 list of companies based on revenue.

    Elalamy announced both meetings were held in Seattle, Washington. The city is home to several reputable aerospace companies, and a prime location for networking with aerospace executives. The Minister announced earlier this week that he intended to travel to the US to network and attract investors for Morocco’s growing aerospace industry.

    Despite a reduction in exports due to COVID-19’s global impact, Morocco continues to be viewed as an attractive manufacturing site for several international business groups.

    Earlier this year, French Aeronautics company French Le Piston (LPF) opened its second production factory in Morocco. The factory was reported to cost over $6 million dollars, and is focused on the manufacture of airplane engine components.

    As Elalamy continues his networking journey through the American aerospace industry’s top leaders, Moroccan officials are hopeful they can expand the American business presence in the country as well, and recover from the lack of revenue in the aerospace industry from the past year.


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